European River Currents is the Authority on the River Cruise Industry

Launched as the hybrid sister product of Cruise Week and River Cruise Advisor, European River Currents is the only river cruise newsletter geared primarily toward travel agents.  You won’t find tips on planning your next vacation here; instead you’ll find information relevant to selling river cruises to your clients.  You’ll learn about the unique experiences each river offers, about the differences between the river cruise lines, and about how to effectively sell to clients who may be on the fence.

European River Currents is a pleasingly formatted e-mail publication that is delivered to your inbox every other week.  You won’t have to wade through irrelevant Google alerts to find the news you’re looking for; European River Currents’ editors are industry veterans, so the articles are always high-quality, with no fluff.  Your time is precious, and European River Currents can guarantee that every article is written with the goal of helping you sell more cruises. If you sell just one more cruise because of European River Currents, your subscription will have paid for itself many times over. So order today!