A New Tool to Help You Sell More River Cruises

European River Currents is a biweekly publication, delivered straight to your inbox every other Friday, that will keep you up-to-date on the cruise industry's hottest growth sector. The growth in river cruising has been nothing short of astounding, and the opportunities that river cruising presents for travel sellers cannot be ignored. Today, it’s a market with significant earnings potential for cruise sellers. European River Currents will answer many of the questions that you and your clientele may have about river cruising.

European River Currents Will Give You…

Selling Tips

The average 7-day ocean cruise costs about $900. The average 7-day river cruise? $2500. And you can forget about non-commissionables. Clearly selling river cruises has the potential to put money in your pocket, and European River Currents will give you everything you need to start selling your clients on a European river cruise.

Up-To-Date News

The world of European river cruises is constantly changing, and European River Currents will keep you abreast of all the latest happenings in the industry. From natural disasters to exchange rates, and new ships to personnel changes, European River Currents protects you from being one step behind the competition.

Destination Information

Sure, your clients may have heard that they can cruise on the Danube and Rhine, but what about the Elbe and the Rhône? The Po and the Douro? European River Currents’ first-hand destination reports ensure that you’re well-versed on all that the European rivers have to offer, and can find the itinerary that’s just right for your client.

Cruise Line Information

There are a lot of European river cruise companies, and telling them apart can get confusing.  So what's the difference between Viking and Uniworld? AMA and Avalon? Which companies include alcoholic beverages? Which are best for luxury travelers vs. adventurous types? European River Currents will answer all of these questions and more.